Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Sunset Over the Lake" is Finished

Finished on the 23rd of December (except for the label) "Sunset Over the Lake" was given to my son on Christmas eve. Despite the fact that I asked him what colors he would like a quilt to be, he did not expect it.

**The finished quilt measures 85 x 85 inches
**It contains 1872 triangles (I think I've counted correctly this time)
**It also contains roughly 90 different fabrics, including fabric from two of my son's old Hawaiian shirts (which he was able to pick out easily!)
**The 9 blocks were assembled by quarters, each quarter assembled with standard piecing and some paper-pieced.
**The quilt was professionally and beautifully machine-quilted in a moderately-sized meandering pattern by Cheryl Dennis of Finally Quilted in Westford, MA.